Re: The rhetoric of argument

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 20:41:34 EDT

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    >From: "Robert Schneider" <>

    >... further thoughts about the rhetorical strategy of ID in the
    > court of public pleading. ID proponents recognize that before the Ohio
    > State School Board or any other board that makes curriculum decisions, they
    > must be careful to say, as George Murphy put it, "no one but us scientists
    > here!" For, if they display the religious/theological agenda behind their
    > arguments for ID and against "naturalistic evolution," they run up against
    > court decisions that prohibit religiously based theories in science classes.

    Yes. It seems to me that the attempt to get ID into the natural science
    classroom has put its advocates in the same awkward position that was
    encountered some years ago by the advocates of "scientific creationism."
    Everyone, both friend and foe alike, knows that a rhetorical game is being
    played. Friends might forgive the duplicity, but foes will count it as the
    way in which religious business is done.

    Howard Van Till

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