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Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 00:25:10 EDT

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    This is probably not the venue for this discussion and I probably will
    not continue beyond this message.

    My question is:
    that we are all (sinful) human beings,
    that no group is inherently smarter or better than any other,
    why does one group seem to rise to the top?

    My answer:
    It fundamentally depends upon the basic worldview of the group. I
    believe that we in the USA have achieved what we have achieved primarily
    due to our basic view of the worth of the individual, belief in liberty,
    democracy, and a free market capitalistic economic system. There are
    problems inherent with each of these, both in their ideal and in their
    implementation in our society. But basically, these are the foundation
    of the development of our society as it exists today. As I said we are
    all sinful human beings.

    This gives rise to my second question:
    Why do these other groups not see this and implement the same values in
    their society in order to achieve the same progress?

    Any answers?

    --Bill Yates

    Glenn Morton wrote:
    > This week there was a fascinating series of articles in UK newspapers,
    > especially one from the Daily Telegraph, which, I am told, is a favorite of
    > the the Tories (conservatives) here in the UK. I note this because of what
    > that article says about the relations between the West and the Arabic world
    > concerning Iraq. There are several item which should be noted prior to
    > discussing the Telegraph articles. First concerns the intellectual
    > isolation of the Arabic world. An editorial in another UK paper this week
    > noted:
    <Read Glenn's origianl post>

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