Re: Fusion Reactors

From: Iain Strachan (
Date: Sun Sep 08 2002 - 07:21:54 EDT

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    George wrote:
             Let me clarify. I was not saying controlled fusion _is_ =
    impossible, that it's in the same category as interstellar travel, or =
    that there should not be intensive work on it. My point was simply that =
    a technology is not necessarily achievable just because we need it in =
    order to maintain a certain standard of living. & I'd add that the =
    technological optimism I referred to can be self-deluding & dangerous if =
    it enables people to say that we don't need to be concerned about =
    reducing petroleum use &c because fusion energy will be available when =
    we need it.=20

    I would certainly agree with that. I am quite confident that Fusion is =
    achievable, but definitely not within the timescales suggested. If we =
    need saving in less than 20 years, then fusion is not going to be the =
    promised Saviour. Maybe if governments had invested in it properly 20 =
    years ago then it would be, but it isn't now.


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