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Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 00:14:55 EDT

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    Terry wrote:
    >> Ian Hutchinson, a prominent fusion researcher at MIT, gave one of the
    >> keynote lectures at the ASA meeting at Pepperdine. Hopefully, we'll
    >> have the audio up soon. During the Q&A time someone asked about the
    >> relative national priority concering the human genome project
    >> (Francis Collins had just spoken earlier that day) and what might be
    >> the consequences if fusion became as high a priority.
    >> Hutchinson didn't hesitate to suggest that fusion research does not
    >> have the priority that it could/should have and that more progress
    >> could be made if it were a higher priority.
    >> That's about how much I know about the subject, but it was
    >> interesting to hear it from an insider. Maybe this helps on the
    >> dispute between you and Walter.

    I absolutely agree with Hutchison, that we are not putting enough money into
    fusion research. To me, after looking at all the options, this is the only
    one with a realistic chance of creating enough energy for human kind to make
    a real difference. In 1% of the world's deuterium, there is 500,000 times
    more energy than is contained in all the worlds fossil fuels that will ever
    be burned. Given what I know about world oil production, I would prefer to
    spend our money on something that will make a difference--fusion, not wind
    energy or a Mother Jones contraption.

    Walter is correct that there is no US program for fusion. We withdrew from
    several international programs because we gave up. y the way, I am not on
    the list so cc me on things along this line.


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