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From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 11:26:55 EDT

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    From: "Dr. Blake Nelson"

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    > wrote:
    >> One of my mischievous hopes is that positive SETI
    >> results will be known
    >> before I die. It would necessitate some fascinating
    >> adjustments in theology.
    > In which (whose) theology? Paul Davies would agree
    > with you, but I don't think he has much more than a
    > scintilla (if that) of real understanding of real
    > theology and I don't think you would think theology
    > would need to be adjusted in the way he might presume.

    Yes, the degree of adjustment will depend on what theology one considers. I
    suppose I was thinking mostly of the conservative evangelical version that
    predominates in the US.

    I would not, however, be so quick to dismiss Paul Davies' comprehension of
    theology. One can disagree with him without dismissing what he holds.

    > The funny thing I find about most
    > arguments from nature either by atheists or by theists
    > is that they can almost always be interpreted to
    > satisfy either position (of course with various
    > degrees of persuasiveness).

    Agreed. I have also been impressed with the flexibility of "correct"
    biblical interpretation by persons holding quite different theological views
    (of course with various degrees of persuasiveness). In both cases, it seems
    to be a common human trait to seek authoritative warrant for a position
    already in place.

    Howard Van Till

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