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From: Terry M. Gray (grayt@lamar.colostate.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 23:34:05 EDT

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    Ian Hutchinson, a prominent fusion researcher at MIT, gave one of the
    keynote lectures at the ASA meeting at Pepperdine. Hopefully, we'll
    have the audio up soon. During the Q&A time someone asked about the
    relative national priority concering the human genome project
    (Francis Collins had just spoken earlier that day) and what might be
    the consequences if fusion became as high a priority.

    Hutchinson didn't hesitate to suggest that fusion research does not
    have the priority that it could/should have and that more progress
    could be made if it were a higher priority.

    That's about how much I know about the subject, but it was
    interesting to hear it from an insider. Maybe this helps on the
    dispute between you and Walter.


    >Walter wrote:
    >>Instead of "brute force", the talents of Physicists and Feedback Engineers
    >will solve the problem in very
    >>quick order --- with minimal funding. ( I say 6 months)
    >[sarcastic mode on]Gee, why hasn't the scientific community seen this
    >obivous mistake and fixed it? I guess this means that we have our national
    >idiots currently working on fusion. Why don't we apply our talent to the
    >problem now? [sarcastic mode off]
    >Walter, the above is incredibly insulting to the people in the field now.
    >Are you seriously saying that they are hot-dogging it or are too stupid to
    >fix the problem? Are you aware that fusion research deals with temperatures
    >far above those of your home heater? (I know, you will proudly claim that
    >you are a physicist and know all about such things, but if that is true,
    >then you should know better than to make such arrogant statements).
    >see http://www.glenn.morton.btinternet.co.uk/dmd.htm
    >for lots of creation/evolution information
    >personal stories of struggle

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