RE: Biomass Hydrogen Paper in 29 August Nature

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 23:01:20 EDT

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    Hi Rich, thanks for pointing out the energy balance paragraph. I had to read
    that rapidly before work this morning.

    >>In this respect, the
    >>formation of a mixture of hydrogen and alkanes from aqueous-phase
    >>reforming of glucose, as accomplished in the present study, is
    >>**essentially neutral energetically**, and little additional energy is
    >>required to drive the reaction. In fact, the energy contained in these
    >>alkanes could be used as a feed to an internal combustion engine or
    >>suitable fuel cell; this would allow the use of biomass-derived
    >energy to
    >>drive the aqueous-phase reforming of glucose (and biomass more
    >>with high yields to renewable energy. [emphasis mine]

    I would bet, that by the time you add that little item called TRANSPORTATION
    you would turn this into a negative. One must spend energy to distribute
    this fuel so that I can put it in my tank where I life.


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