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    >The total fossil energy expended to produce 1 liter of ethanol from
    >corn is 10,200 kcal, but note that 1 liter of ethanol has an energy
    >value of only 5130 kcal....Just performing a chemical reaction
    >doesn't mean it is useful, economical, or viable.<

    Oscar Campbell and many of his neighbors found the production of
    ethanol from corn to be a very lucrative business in the 1920's and
    1930's, with some production continuing to the present. Fossil fuels
    were not significantly used in the production. However, the
    distribution of moonshine to distant markets probably used more
    fossil fuel than could have been replaced by using the ethanol as
    fuel. In addition, paying taxes and finding environmentally
    responsible ways to dispose of the waste would cut into the profit

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