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Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 17:44:13 EDT

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    Glenn -- you have a lot of data on how the oil supply is running out.

    Do you (or anyone) have any ideas on when Nuclear Fusion will replace it?

    Below is part of an article in NewScientist I came upon today. It was
    published a month ago. What I have been unable to find in a fairly extensive
    internet search is anyone making any predictions on when this technology
    will go on line and begin producing energy which can be substituted for coal
    and oil.

    It only took a few years for nuclear fission to go from the German lab to
    the American bomb -- less than six if my memory serves me correctly. Nuclear
    fission appears to be tougher. Yet it is apparent that the govts and
    industry are spending increasing amounts on the research necessary for its
    Fusion reactor breaks duration record

    10:50 06 August 02 NewScientist.com news service

    A powerful plasma discharge has operated for a world record 210 seconds in
    an experimental French fusion reactor. The demonstration is a significant
    step toward the long plasma confinement times needed in a practical fusion

    Physicists sustained the three-megawatt electric discharge in the Tore Supra
    reactor at the Association Euratom-CEA in Cadarache. During that interval,
    it dissipated more than 600 megajoules of energy, more than twice the
    previous record, also set by Tore Supra in 1996.



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