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    >Speaking only of Warfield, there is an excellent book just out on
    >his writings about science, religion, evolution, etc. Warfield
    >accepted evolution without question and was, by any measure I can
    >think of a deeply devout committed faithful Christian. I read the
    >book last year; I seem to recall that he did hold to scriptural
    >I would be interested to understand the reasons why anyone would
    >consider him a "heretic of the first order."<

    Anyone who holds that belief in YEC is an essential part of the
    gospel (a very serious error in light of Galatians 1) would therefore
    label Warfield a heretic. Sort of like the time I pointed out to
    someone that The Fundamentals rejects YEC and he said he heard there
    were some liberals involved in its production.

    As to the PCA, I have had a varied experience. There are some ardent
    advocates of YEC, many who are sympathetic to YEC but recognize it as
    a matter of secondary importance, and many who rate it a lot lower
    than secondary. On the other hand, a fair portion of my PCA
    experience has been in college towns, which probably does not
    represent a random sample. My latest posting to the PCA News website
    relating to the issue has generated about a half-dozen replies, none
    from a militantly YEC viewpoint. On the other hand, my previous
    exchange on the site was with a combattively YEC individual, and
    anyone accepting his accusations might not think me worth replying
    to. I have occasionally heard sermons touching on the topic where I
    would have misgivings. At least many presbyteries do have some
    individuals opposed to ordination of those with old-earth views, but
    they do not always command a majority. For my own ordination as a
    deacon, the view of our session was that the Westminst!
    er standards basically paraphrase Genesis, so if you are satisfied
    that your views are compatible with Genesis, that's fine.

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