Re: The naturalist Philosophy

Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 12:43:16 EDT

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    > Here is a clear confusion. Though Wissenschaft is often taken to be
    > equivalent to "science," it is not. It is rather equivalent to scientia,
    > which applied to every ordered study. This is why theology was Queen of
    > the Sciences. The 14 categories do not apply to Naturwissenschaft, the
    > archaic natural philosophy, contemporary science. Geisteswissenschaften
    > corresponds to "arts" in arts and sciences.

    I fully realize that, but that is why I try to say: No matter what kind of
    "Wissenschaft", "Scientia" you teach, the "sciences" are not excluded from
    life in general. But that is why you definitely need a Christian
    philosophy, and Christian institutes of higher learning.
    The confusion is that I probably do not use enough words to say, that we are
    Christians everywhere, that all we do should be guided by our need to be
    obedient to Christ, therefor we need a Christian philosophy, which
    (probably) can bind the sciences (scientia, Wissenschaft) together only at a
    Christian University.
    I believe, that I said last week already, that I cannot see how one can
    arrange "Wissenschaft" neatly in Arts and Scioences. That is
    (unfortunately) a medieval division kept alive mainly in Anglo-Saxon
    schools, to my knowledge.
    At the university I attended 60 years ago we had "faculties" for every
    science (in the sense of "Wissenschaft") from Mathematics to Theology.
    B.Sc. and B.A. were unknown.
    I would hate to see that christians had to take courses in public schools in
    philosophy, in ethics, etc.. Schools that started as (public, but)
    christian schools, have gradually become so-called "neutral", but
    effectively often anti-christian schools since the name of Jesus Christ may
    (often) not be used in the class-room, in a way that shows that He guides
    our life everywhere.
    Jan de Koning

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