RE: "charismatic" theologies and science

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Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 00:06:47 EDT

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    Rich Blinne wrote:

    >Now it would be unfair to lay this all at the feet of Van Til.

    Agreed. I'm not even sure that C. Van Til was a young-earther. I
    happen to think that Warfieldian type evolutionism is fully
    compatible with C. Van Til's perspective--along the lines that you
    have quoted. In other words, evolutionary biology, as the rest of
    modern science, is built upon Christian presuppositions.

    Unfortunately, some people take presuppositionalism to mean that you
    simply assume your conclusions. Thus, in the evolution/creation
    debate you "presuppose" either one or the other and that dictates
    your conclusion. So much for any kind of empiricism.


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