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    >Let's be clear. Charles Hodge in his Systematic Theology (c1870)makes
    >clear that he holds firmly to an old earth and in What is Darwinism
    >is prepared to accept that evolution could have happened and that there
    >no theological objection to this though there is to evolution by

    >AA Hodge in the 1880s argued for theisitic evolution as did Warfield up
    >his death in 1921.
    >As Rich Blinne made it clear that the PCA insists on a six day creation

    >then they would regard these Princeton theologians as very dodgy -
    >apostate or on theway or even wooly liberals like bishop spong. Due to
    >their compromising with the evolutionary geological timescale their
    > orthodoxy is clearly under question as any good YEC would agree with.

    >I hope my point is clear.

    >To describe this trio as " orthodox Presbyterians" implies that their
    >blatant evolutionism is orthodox as well.

    Let me be a little more precise than I have been in previous posts. A
    report that allowed presbyteries to permit exceptions to YEC passed,
    barely. This has caused some within the PCA to bemoan the declension
    within the denomination. Yet, I don't know of anyone who would call the
    Hodges or Warfield anything but orthodox. In fact, one of the
    electronic groups where a number of those who are concerned about such a
    slippery slope hang out is named after B.B. Warfield! Old Princeton is
    still well-respected even amongst the YEC in the PCA. Modern proponents
    of their views, however, do not fare as well.

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