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Are you saying this "tongue in cheek"?

Hodge, Hodge and Warfield were orthodox Presbyterians teaching at
Princeton Theological Seminary a century ago. No discussion of
American Protestant Christian Fundamentalism would be complete
without mentioning their names.

David Bundrick
Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary

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I always thought Charles Hodge, A.A Hodge and B.b.Warfield were heretics of
the first order. Did the beleive in God or did they even accept the
authority of the bible let alone inerrancy?

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> Hi Rich
> >Thanks for these insights. There is not enough heard of specifically
> charistmatic and penttecostal responses to science and theology.
> >How hostile is the PCA to science?
> It is not hostile to science per se but it is hostile to a science which
> might conclude that God didn't create in "the space of six days". To come
> to that conclusion is considered utter abandonment (by some) of orthodoxy.
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