Re: More on the Georgia Decision, from Cal Thomas

Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 13:40:56 EDT

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    Al McCarrick wrote:

    > The
    > question is rather "Is the evidence against atheistic evolution
    > worthy of presentation and discussion." The answer is probably
    > "yes", but the details must be fleshed out carefully.

    Most certainly evolution as "proof" that there is no God is utter crock.
    Some atheists have tried to promote that claim like a religion,
    and _that_
    should be rejected in the classroom of the public school. If such folk
    want to open private atheist schools to promote that claim, fine, but
    otherwise, they are just as obliged as any devout Christian to
    "put a lid on it" in the office of a public institution.
    Personally, I think
    is the real issue here, and not the evolution as such.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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