Re: "charismatic" theologies and science

Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 22:06:33 EDT

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    << I would be very interested to know there exists people who are at the same
      time practicing charismatics (for lack of a better term) and evolutionists
      (also for lack of a better term). For example, does anyone know an
      evolutionary biologist who is an active member of an Assembly of God
      church? I would like to think that such people do exist, even if they are
      rare. >>

    As Jon mentioned most charismatics are not sufficiently educated
    scientifically to espouse evolution, and are therefore generally YECs. At the
    same time, there are some who are both charismatic and believers in
    evolution, such as Denis Lamoureaux who has one Ph.D in theology and another
    one in evolution (of the jaw in particular). It is primarily a matter of
    education, but at the same time it is my experience that those with a
    fundamentalistic theology who are more experience-oriented in their
    Christianity (which is more common amongst charismatics) are not as prone to
    be upset by interpretations of Genesis which do not hold to a rigid
    literalistic view. I think this goes back to whether God or a book is
    ultimate for them on a practical level. I know that John Whitcomb said that
    his next priority after promoting creation science was to attack the tongues
    movement. So, there seems to be some kind of correlation between
    openness/closedness to evolution and openness/closedness to charismatic gifts.


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