Language at the Dawn of Humanity

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 23:42:37 EDT

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    I would like to point people to an article in Sept. 2002 PSCF on Language at
    the Dawn of Humanity. I have (uncharacteristically) remained silent on this
    work to give the ASA time to publish my note. From genetic data and
    language family analysis it is rather likely that language was present
    120-200,000 years ago when anatomically modern men first appeared on earth.
    This conclusion is based upon the fact that the two most genetically diverse
    groups of humans on earth both speak a highly unusual and rare form of
    language which incorporates click sounds. The two click languages are also
    very very different and thus unlikely to have a common ancestor anytime in
    the recent past. Details can be found in Glenn R. Morton, "Language at the
    Dawn of Humanity, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith,


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