Re: More on the Georgia Decision, from Cal Thomas

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Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 06:09:35 EDT

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    Thanks, Shuan.

         I think it would be good for Thomas to hear from evangelical Christians
    who are scientists and could point out some of the errors of fact in his
    column. He can be emailed through his web site URL which appears at the end
    of his column.


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    > TMS) - It's back-to-school time. That means school supplies, clothes,
    > packing lunches and the annual battle over what can be taught.
    > The Cobb County, Ga., School Board voted unanimously Aug. 22 to consider a
    > pluralistic approach to the origin of the human race, rather than the
    > mandated theory of evolution. The board will review a proposal that says
    > district "believes that discussion of disputed views of academic subjects
    > a necessary element of providing a balanced education, including the study
    > of the origin of the species."
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