Bulgarian Noah's Ark planned for tourists

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Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 12:15:11 EDT

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      From the Irish Examiner:


    >Bulgarian Noah's Ark planned for tourists
    >26/08/2002 - 11:41:47 am
    >A Bulgarian historian today launched an ambitious project to reconstruct
    >the Biblical ark, complete with pairs of animals, as a tourist attraction.
    >The new ark will be built on the Black Sea coast near Sunny Beach resort,
    >240 miles east of Sofia, said Nikolai Kanchev, the historian leading the
    >"The wooden vessel will be 368ft long, 85ft wide and over 30ft high, and a
    >part of it will be under water," he said. "Of course, there will be pairs
    >of the different animal species chosen once by Noah."
    >The site will also include an exhibition of historical artifacts found in
    >the region.
    >Visitors will be given a presentation of an expedition headed by National
    >Geographic Society explorer Robert Ballard, who has been searching the
    >depths of the Black Sea for the remains of the ark.
    >The expedition started last year in coastal waters.
    >Ballard's mission, which is to continue in 2003, could shed more light on
    >the controversial timing and site of the Biblical Great Flood.
    >Under the supervision of Ballard, a US explorer who discovered the remains
    >of the Titanic, a team of 19 scientists is searching for undersea evidence
    >of human habitation in the Black Sea region before the Biblical flood
    >described in the Old Testament book of Genesis.
    >Some scientists theorise that an antediluvian society predating those of
    >Egypt and Mesopotamia is believed to have been submerged by the Black Sea
    >at the time of a massive flood 7,600 years ago.
    >The flood, they suggest, transformed a stillwater lake into the saltwater sea.
    >Explorers have found ancient vessels in remarkable condition in the Black
    >Sea, whose unique oxygen-free deep water preserves wrecks without the worm
    >damage and deterioration that normally affect wooden vessels.
    >The museum exposition is scheduled to open its doors in March 2003, and
    >its founders hope for crowds of visitors from all around the globe.
    >"Troy has its Trojan Horse, Romania has Dracula - we will have our Noah's
    >Ark," Kanchev said.

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