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Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 23:43:19 EDT

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    It is not that I am not interested, it is that I see nothing new in any of
    our discussions. THere is little reason to go round the merry-go-round


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    >Bill is one of the few YEC folks who is a geologist that has looked at
    >coal. He has also gotten into some of the literature, which is good to
    >see. He assumes (and I suspect rightly) that most folks don't give much
    >consideration to Austin's floating vegetation mat theory. Since he knows
    >something about coal, I thought that some of us that do know something
    >about coal should respond.
    >At this stage, I decided to make my response to Bill private.
    >>From lack of other responses, I suspect either not a lot of you have
    >studied coal or do not care to be involved in the exchanges. Besides it
    >is MUCH easier for me to respond privately than publicly.
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