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Date: Sun Aug 25 2002 - 06:55:24 EDT

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    In November 2000 a conference "God, Life and Cosmos" was held in
    Islamabad, Pakistan. This was a conference where christian and muslim
    scientists got together to interact.
    Details about the conference can be seen at
    The papers from this conference will be published by Ashgate Publishers
    later this fall. See
    Thus it seems that there are already conversations going on between christian
    and muslim scientists.
    (Among the muslim contributors there were both scientists working in muslim
    countries and scientists
    working in western countries.)

    One of the muslim participants at the conference - Muzaffar Iqbal - will
    also publish a book this fall
    called "Islam and science" (Ashgate Publishing)

    Regards, Inge

    At 11:09 23.08.2002 -0400, Shuan Rose wrote:

    > Dear List,
    >WE live in a world of great tension between the West and Islam. Al-Queda
    >appears to have launched into a duel to the death with the West, and it
    >seems that the US intends to attack Iraq as soon as possible-a major change
    >in US policy
    >In light of this, what is the relationship-what should be the
    >relationship-between US Scientists and scientists in the Muslim world?during
    >the Cold War, US scientists and Soviet scientists were able to maintain good
    >working relationships. In fact, when Sputnik was launched, the reaction of
    >US scientists was to congratulate their Soviet brethren-a far cry from the
    >hysterical reaction of Western media.US scientists seem to have a good
    >working relationship with their Chinese counterparts, despite tensions
    >between the US and China. Indeed, American scientists are working in
    >China-and vice versa- today, despite spying allegations at Los Alamos.Does
    >the same situation exist re scientists in Muslim countries?Is there A
    >Christian perspective Christian scientists can bring to this issue?Does the
    >historical background of a thousand year "War of Civilizations" between
    >Christianity and Islam play any part in this, or is it irrelevant?
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