Re: Question: Relationship to Scientists in Muslim countries

From: Jay Willingham (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 01:48:46 EDT

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    > It is foolishness for to US to attack Iraq. Our Middle Easter policy
    > ought not be governed by the interest of others but our own.

    Jay Willingham responds:

    It is in our interest to pursue terrorism's roots. We have been attacked
    repeatedly and innocents have been the targets over and over again. My
    dread is that the roots may spread enough that a world war, very unlike our
    60's fear of the bomb, is upon us. I have warrior age boys.

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    We ought to be fair in that area of the world and then we will be true world

    Jay Willingham responds:

    How have we been unfair? The issue remains do we support Israel. The
    Muslim countries surrounding Israel still want to push the Jews into the

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      However, it seems that in Islam the civil laws are inexorably connected to
    their faith and that spells trouble. That will certainly lead to all future

    Jay Willingham responds:


    Islam is a works based religion that in its fundamental form takes
    evangelism by the sword very seriously.

    What the Saudi's and the rest of the despots fear most is democracy and
    elimination of a state enforced religious sharia law.

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    On the other hand, Christ emphasized only two laws that govern our Christian

    Jay Willingham responds:

    Amen. The greatest commandments .... and the heart of the law is love.

    Again, this may be too far afield for ASA's group...

    Jay Willingham, Esq.
    Central Florida

    PS Are you at the University of North Carolina?

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