relationship between US Scientists and scientists in the Muslim world

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Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 01:31:16 EDT

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    So many questions on a subject I have been praying over.... Jay

    Shuan Rose: What should be the relationship-between US Scientists and =
    scientists in the Muslim world?

    Jay Willingham: I would especially like to see what relationship there =
    is between Muslim and Western archaeologists, especially around the =
    Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    Shuan Rose: During the Cold War, US scientists and Soviet scientists =
    were able to maintain good working relationships. In fact, when Sputnik =
    was launched, the reaction of US scientists was to congratulate their =
    Soviet brethren-a far cry from the hysterical reaction of Western media.

    Jay Willingham: Within certain fields US scientists were able to =
    cooperate and in others respect the accomplishments of their brethren =
    behind the iron curtain. In certain areas, no cooperation was possible =
    or eve thinkable.

    Shuan Rose: US scientists seem to have a good working relationship with =
    their Chinese counterparts, despite tensions between the US and China. =
    Indeed, American scientists are working in China-and vice versa- today, =
    despite spying allegations at Los Alamos.

    Jay Willingham: Again, I am not pleased with cooperation which gave the =
    Chinese the ability to accurately target ICBM's in the guise of =
    satellite placement and small nuclear devise construction.

    Shuan Rose: Does the same situation exist re scientists in Muslim =

    Jay Willingham: I hope the new advanced explosives turning up in =
    terrorists hands are not coming from Western scientists.

    Shuan Rose: Is there a Christian perspective Christian scientists can =
    bring to this issue?

    Jay Willingham: Always. Ask your Muslim brethren why converting a =
    Saudi to Christianity is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Sharia =
    law offers many other interesting issues. Again I point to the Temple =
    Mount and other Holy Land archaeological sites no longer accessible to =
    Western scientists and said to be compromised by Muslims seeking to hide =
    evidence of Judeo-Christian history.

    Shuan Rose: Does the historical background of a thousand year "War of =
    Civilizations" between Christianity and Islam play any part in this, or =
    is it irrelevant?

    Jay Willingham: It is the heart of the issue. I have done some =
    research in this area and could post a lot of material. I am sure =
    others have as well. However, this issue might be far afield of ASA's =
    purpose for this group. If there is interest and assent in the group I =
    would like to explore this history and its ramifications not only for =
    scientific inquiry but peace. =20

    I will say this....the Crusades were a counterattack....

    Jay Willingham, Esq.
    Central Florida=20

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