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Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 12:33:57 EDT

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    Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 03:43:36 +0000

    >So, for the lost souls wandering the great halls of learning who are
    >still searching for an alternative to the answer-given fundamentalist
    >extremes (on both sides), I wonder if there are some ways that they
    >might stumble on ASA a little earlier. Any suggestions?
    >by Grace alone we proceed,

    >I was one of those wandering lost souls, until I saw an ad for a
    >science/religion course in the student paper.....that's how I discovered
    >ASA. Perhaps more articles in student newspapers, as well as lectures by
    >ASA members in universities will lead students to look into ASA a little
    >earlier. I feel so fortunate that I stumbled on ASA when I did, because
    >the profs in my university's science department definitely leaned towards
    >atheism--making me believe that I had to choose between evolution and God.

    The July 2002 article of Scientific American entitled "15 Answers to
    Creationist Nonsense" concluded with a similar false dichotomy by saying:

    "Listeners [to intelligent design] are essentially left to fill in the
    blanks for themselves, and some will undoubtedly do so by substituting their
    religious beliefs for scientific ideas.

    Time and again, science has shown that methodological naturalism can push
    back ignorance, finding increasingly detailed and informative answers to
    mysteries that once seemed impenetrable: the nature of light, the causes of
    disease, how the brain works. Evolution is doing the same with the riddle of
    how the living world took shape. Creationism, by any name, adds nothing of
    intellectual value to the effort."

    Perhaps Dr. Collins could respond to this false dichotomy between
    Christianity and evolution like he did in his keynote address with a letter
    to the editor to Scientific American and give a plug for the ASA along the

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