thanks to volunteers

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 10:31:14 EDT

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    My thanks to all those who volunteered for this fall's interview list. I
    now have enough names for my class. Anyone who still wishes to participate
    is reminded that I will make another solicitation early in the new year,
    when I will be pleased to have your help once again. I need no more names
    at this time.

    However, I will make an exception in two cases. (1) you have not
    previously served as a volunteer and wish to do so this fall; or (2) if you
    are a female in one of the appropriate fields. I make this second point
    every fall, and I anticipate the same jokes in response. Let me (once
    again) point out the importance and relevance of having female role models
    for young women in science fields. More than half of the students in my
    class will be women, and the presence of women on my list of volunteers is
    especially encouraging to them.

    Ted Davis

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