Re: getting ASA to students

From: Callee Soltys (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 23:43:36 EDT

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    >So, for the lost souls wandering the great halls of learning who are
    >still searching for an alternative to the answer-given fundamentalist
    >extremes (on both sides), I wonder if there are some ways that they
    >might stumble on ASA a little earlier. Any suggestions?
    >by Grace alone we proceed,

    I was one of those wandering lost souls, until I saw an ad for a
    science/religion course in the student paper.....that's how I discovered
    ASA. Perhaps more articles in student newspapers, as well as lectures by
    ASA members in universities will lead students to look into ASA a little
    earlier. I feel so fortunate that I stumbled on ASA when I did, because the
    profs in my university's science department definitely leaned towards
    atheism--making me believe that I had to choose between evolution and God.


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