Returning; and solicitation for interview volunteers

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 12:35:24 EDT

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    Having dropped off the list for several weeks over the summer, I have now
    returned--and I do hope the signal/noise ratio is higher than when I left!

    Once again this fall, I will be teaching the course for senior science
    majors, in which I have my students conduct email interviews of Christians
    in science and science-related fields (engineering, math, medicine). I am
    soliciting volunteers.

    If you have volunteered in the past and wish to do this again, all you need
    to do is tell me and I'll reactivate your name.

    If you have not done this before but may wish to, here are the details. If
    you volunteer and are chosen by one (1) student (I take steps to ensure
    that no one is contacted by more than one student), you will be contacted by
    email in September and will probably exchange several messages with the
    student. If you can't do this promptly, please don't volunteer!

    The student will ask you about your faith, your work, and how you put these
    together in your life. The student is responsible for writing this up as a
    report to me, no further dissemination is authorized. You may ask the
    student to send you a copy of the report.

    Students actually like this assignment, judging from past comments, so I
    keep doing it. Many thanks in advance to those who volunteer!

    There will be a second opportunity offered in January. If you wish to
    partipate then, please wait for another solicitation.

    thank you,

    Ted Davis

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