Re: cumulative selection/abiogenesis

From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 13:07:34 EDT

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    Thank you for your time and feedback about my conversation, it is nice to
    know that others agree with you conclusion and think about issues you
    consider important.

    Hopefully you can elaborate on some of the points you made (you can direct
    me to reviews or articles or past discussions-- since your email I found a
    discussion you were having with Van Till on issues very close to those in my
    posting and I am sure there's much more on this listserve archive):

    How do you accept evolution as a tool without making a myth out of the
    creation account specifically?

    Why should science be unable to detect the creator's work? What if the
    derivation of biologically functional sequence is such evidence detected by
    science? Can you further explain the statement "his options being hidden in
    stochastic and quantum uncertainties."

    Look forward to continued conversations,

    Josh Bembenek

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