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From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 05:58:44 EDT

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    Glenn writes

    >The point you miss Jim, is that Dick's view, which you support, requires
    >that the Ark landed north towards Turkey.

    The quicker people start talking sense about the flood, the better.
    Dick can speak for himself.

    >The geologic map really falsifies
    >Dick's view (Dick admitted he hadn't ever really looked at a geologic map
    >which is amazing given that geology is the only way to see the physical
    >remains of any purported flood).

    The evidence points toward a Southern Mesopotamia flood. Not that this is
    your fault, but what really burns me up are blatant misleading translations
    in all Bibles about the flood covering mountains. GARBAGE. With very nasty
    consequences for very many people.

    >And if you are going to cite Best as an
    >authority, don't stop by merely citing things which agree with you. Best
    >also concludes that a view like Fischer's cant be correct. He writes, on
    >same page you reference above:

    >"Skeptics are correct when they say Noah's flood (as it is commonly
    >understood) could not have happened, because many of the story elements,
    >such as grounding of the ark in the mountains of Ararat, would have been
    >physically impossible. "

    This is not on p. 67 of my copy. Of course, the big question is
    "where did the ark land?" BTW, Best also rules out with 100% certainty
    (p. 269) long ages for the patriarchs. I would welcome any discussion
    about what was physically possible or impossible. The point is
    (for those who can accept evidence) that the Genesis flood knocked out
    Southern Mesopotamia around 3000 BC, just as the Bible originals indicate.

    We could spend weeks piling up the evidence for a local Southern Mesopotamia
    Genesis flood. The ICR seems counter-productive to their own existence.
    AiG remains a force. It seems that thinking evangelical Christians
    increasingly reject YEC. In a recent post, you mentioned this discussion
    becoming "boring." That is exactly the goal. In the meantime, my heart
    goes out to YECs as they discover they've been duped, and as they deal with
    the deceit.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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