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Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 08:37:00 EDT

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    One of the things I really regret is that I didn't stumble on ASA
    until long after I had graduated from the university and was
    doing my postdoc work. It would have allowed me to see
    that there are a wide diversity of views within the Christian faith
    and that I was not simply some strange twisted creature who
    neither fit the YEC slot nor the atheist slot.

    I came to the faith when I was in the university. Before that
    time, even as a music major, I could not agree with a YEC view.
    I simply avoided Christians and Christianity and mostly criticized
    them. However, I am a searcher and a thinker, and that drew me
    into a lot of philosophy courses. Most of the professors were
    probably atheists or extreme agnostics. As a result I was
    essentially pushed to make a decision, and somehow I just
    found I could not agree with the no-God camp. As I reflected
    on how whole societies can become so warped in their thinking,
    I somehow realized that the message of the gospel held what
    I sought. It is only by faith and faith alone that we can walk the road
    of righteousness in the face of a society that has become utterly

    Nevertheless, although I went to church, I spent my years in college
    mostly alone and isolated for the most part in regard to fellowship.
    The only Christians I knew in the chemistry and physics departments
    where the YEC slant and even they were scant few. Once again, to be
    part of fellowship, I was pushed to chose, and again I could not accept
    the YEC view. I think it is important to discuss the scripture and how
    to interpret parts of it. Trying to understand these things on ones own
    is difficult and rife with potential pitfalls. I don't think one always has
    agree with other people (even experts), but at least by hearing different
    points of view, one can realize there are different views out there.

    After reading many of the biographies of people on the ASA list, I
    realized that probably the majority of the members have found their
    way to ASA long after the university. I stumbled on ASA indirectly
    through a rather radical skeptic list.

    So, for the lost souls wandering the great halls of learning who are
    still searching for an alternative to the answer-given fundamentalist
    extremes (on both sides), I wonder if there are some ways that they
    might stumble on ASA a little earlier. Any suggestions?

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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