RE: Geologic map of Iraq--no flood in Iraq

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Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 09:03:47 EDT

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    Jim wrote:

    >Obviously the Syria part is misleading, otherwise weight is added
    >to the historicity of the Bible.
    >Not too much need to "beat a dead horse" here. It seems that the
    >flood completely wiped out Southern Mesopotamia (southern Iraq).
    >Robert Best, Noah's Ark And the Ziusudra Epic (Enlil Press, 1999)
    > p. 67 suggests that the flood didn't wipe out
    >Sippar (central Iraq), only damaging it.

    The point you miss Jim, is that Dick's view, which you support, requires
    that the Ark landed north towards Turkey. The geologic map really falsifies
    Dick's view (Dick admitted he hadn't ever really looked at a geologic map
    which is amazing given that geology is the only way to see the physical
    remains of any purported flood). And if you are going to cite Best as an
    authority, don't stop by merely citing things which agree with you. Best
    also concludes that a view like Fischer's cant be correct. He writes, on the
    same page you reference above:

    "Skeptics are correct when they say Noah's flood (as it is commonly
    understood) could not have happened, because many of the story elements,
    such as grounding of the ark in the mountains of Ararat, would have been
    physically impossible. "


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