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    Under Near East, Chaldean

    His name was Noa, and he dwelt in Syria with his three sons Sem, Japet,
    and their wives Tidea, Pandora, Noela, and Noegla. From the stars, he
    destruction, and he began building an ark. 78 years after he began building,

    Obviously the Syria part is misleading, otherwise weight is added
    to the historicity of the Bible.

    Not too much need to "beat a dead horse" here. It seems that the
    flood completely wiped out Southern Mesopotamia (southern Iraq).

    Robert Best, Noah's Ark And the Ziusudra Epic (Enlil Press, 1999) p. 67 suggests that the flood didn't wipe out
    Sippar (central Iraq), only damaging it.

    Best's book also mentions at least 53 villages in Southern Sumer
    being abandoned and not resettled at the end of the Jemdet Nasr
    (just prior to the flood) period (p. 64) The reference is to
    J.N. Postgate, "The transition from Uruk to Early Dynastic: continuities
    and discontinuities in the record of settlement" in Gamdat Nasr, Uwe
    Finkbeiner and Wolfgang Rollig (ed), (Wiesbaden: 1986), pp. 93, 105.

    The "mountains" of "rrt" remain a matter of debate... My guess is the
    mountain region east of Mesopotamia. Moses of Khoren (Best, p. 68)
    talks about Shem traveling northwest to the region of Assyria after the
    ark grounded.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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