Re: Humanity is central in the universe. ICR says so.

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Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 22:38:30 EDT

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    Something further might be worth adding here, having read the website
    in more detail.

    The fact is that the authors of the website are not at all happy with
    the idea of a geocentric (or galacto-centric) universe, and therefore
    adopt and equally unacceptable (to the mainstream cosmology)
    alternative. Namely that the cosmological red-shift relationship is

    There are some fascinating articles to back this up, concerning the
    observed proper motion of quasars. They maintain that far from being
    extra-galactic objects, they are in fact stars in our own galaxy ,
    and the so-called "red-shift" is down to laser physics. If they were
    at the distance indicated by cosmological red-shift, then their
    proper motions would indicate speeds vastly in excess of the speed of
    light, which is of course impossible.

    This is an uncomfortable position to adopt because it undermines the
    whole notion of the expanding cosmos, big bang etc.

    My creationist colleague, whom I mentioned in the last posting, has
    reviewed in depth the work of another maverick astronomer Halton Arp,
    who similarly maintains that the cosmological red-shift is incorrect.
    It is of interest to note that the general response of the scientific
    community has been to ostracize Arp, to the extent that he is not
    able to publish anything in peer reviewed literature.

    It would seem, however, that Humphreys does _not_ reject the
    cosmological red-shift, leading to the conclusion that the data
    present indicates the earth is the centre of the universe.

    Either way, the apparent clustering of measured red-shifts would seem
    to cause serious problems of interpretation of the data.

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