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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 20:52:05 EDT

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    I have enjoyed very much reading the BIOs many of you have posted since =
    Aug. 1. It has been good to get to know on a more personal basis many =
    of you whom I have discussed or sparred with, or just listened in to. =
    I've noticed some details of biographies that were often very =
    interesting that I had omitted, so let me add a few details to my BIO of =
    Aug. 3:

    Bob Schneider

    FAMILY: I beat my breast--"mea culpa"--for omitting our dog Joshua, so =
    named because he was a "death row doggie" in the pound, which I learned =
    only after selecting him (actually, he selected me), so I was the =
    unwitting instrument, not the conscious agent, of his salvation. A =
    border collie mix, Joshua was Campus Pet at Berea College for six years, =
    beloved of students, a wonderful pastoral counselor to those missing =
    their own pets. He retired when I did and was awarded an honorary =
    D.Litt. (Dogter of Litters), by a rump assembly of faculty and staff, =
    with the approval of the dean and the president. He is the kindest and =
    gentlest of friends. Anyone who believes that dogs do not have souls =
    should spend some time with him.

    CHURCH: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Boone, NC. I serve the =
    congregation as a lector and lay eucharistic minister and as a catechist =
    to those preparing for Confirmation; I also teach adult education topics =
    on occasion, and sing in what is a very good church choir.

    INTERESTS: Besides participating in the science & religion dialogue, I =
    love to cook (we are remodeling our kitchen--drool, drool), garden, read =
    all sorts of things as long as they are well-written, take hikes and =
    long walks, sit on the porch and watch the birds come to the feeders, =
    sometimes play the guitar, sing, travel and do T'ai Chi. Occasional =
    opportunities to play with the grandchildren are highly prized.

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