Re: Humanity is central in the universe. ICR says so.

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Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 12:24:52 EDT

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    On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:52:38 John W Burgeson wrote:
    >The Acts & Facts IMPACT #350, just published, and viewable on the ICR
    >website, is an article by D. R. Humphries which argues that the universe
    >has a center, and that our home galaxy is near it. The term
    >"Galactocentric" is used.
    >Humphries argues that "new evidence" shows that the red shifts occur, not
    >randomly, but in evenly spaced numerical groups. These groups imply that
    >galaxies themselves are distributed in evenly spaced distances (shells)
    >around our home galaxy; the shell distances are 3.1, 6.2, 9.3, 12.4
    >...light years.
    >We, ourselves, Humphries writes, are within 100,000 light years of the
    >center. Of course, he then argues that the odds of being so close (100K
    >out of 40B) are 1 in a quadrillion, so therefore God exists and has given
    >us "prime real estate."
    >Humphries give no citations to the scientific literature in his claim --
    >he does refer to a soon-to-be-coming (from him) monograph or (possibly)
    >book. It will appear on the ICR web site "soon."
    >Any comments? It appears that while the ID people are "proving God
    >scientifically" by considering the very small, ICR is going the other
    >John Burgeson (Burgy)
    > (science/theology, quantum mechanics, baseball, ethics,
    > humor, cars, philosophy, ethics etc.)

    This appears to be an idea that has been around for quite a time. A
    Google search on "Quantization of Red Shift" produces quite a number
    of creationist hits, but also the following; which doesn't appear to
    be by a creationist (at least I've not really had time to check).

    The paper is:


    (Varshni,Y.P.: 1976, Astrophys.Space Sci., 43, 3.)

    I have a colleague who is a Young Earth Creationist, and a subscriber
    to the TJ (in which Humphries' paper is published). He may be able
    to shed more light on this when he returns from holiday in a couple
    of weeks time. He is a keen amateur astronomer, and is in general
    skeptical of Humphreys' "Starlight and Time" cosmology, which he says
    doesn't explain the observational data. However, the branching into
    quantized red shift seems a different departure.

    I'd also add that the phrase "prime real estate" used by Humphreys in
    this article also cropped up in a Scientific American article a few
    months back about the possibility of life occurring elsewhere in the
    Galaxy. The thrust of the article was that intelligent life may be
    much rarer than we might suppose, because there is only a very narrow
    radial band from the centre of the galaxy were the metallicity
    (amount of elements heavier than helium?) of the stars is at the
    right level to support life. The article stated that the earth was
    in the middle of "prime real estate".

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