RE: Humanity is central in the universe. ICR says so.

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Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 18:49:10 EDT

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    > Subject: Humanity is central in the universe. ICR says so.
    > The Acts & Facts IMPACT #350, just published, and viewable on the ICR
    > website, is an article by D. R. Humphries which argues that the universe
    > has a center, and that our home galaxy is near it. The term
    > "Galactocentric" is used.
    > Humphries argues that "new evidence" shows that the red shifts occur, not
    > randomly, but in evenly spaced numerical groups. These groups imply that
    > galaxies themselves are distributed in evenly spaced distances (shells)
    > around our home galaxy; the shell distances are 3.1, 6.2, 9.3, 12.4
    > ...light years.
    > We, ourselves, Humphries writes, are within 100,000 light years of the
    > center. Of course, he then argues that the odds of being so close (100K
    > out of 40B) are 1 in a quadrillion, so therefore God exists and has given
    > us "prime real estate."
    > Humphries give no citations to the scientific literature in his claim --
    > he does refer to a soon-to-be-coming (from him) monograph or (possibly)
    > book. It will appear on the ICR web site "soon."
    > Any comments? It appears that while the ID people are "proving God
    > scientifically" by considering the very small, ICR is going the other
    > direction.
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    Quote from Allan Sandage, from PBS telecast of Creation of the Universe:

    "It is not as if the universe and the galaxies are expanding into a space
    that is already there, space itself is expanding, carrying the galaxies with
    it. The expansion creates the space. One can conceptualize this as the
    two-dimensional analog, as the surface of a balloon. Mark a bunch of dots on
    the balloon and blow it up and then imagine yourself on any of the dots. You
    seem to be in the center, and all of the dots are moving away from you. Now,
    take the air out of the balloon and look what dots do. All the dots come
    toward every other dot. If you could take all the air out of a perfect
    balloon, the surface itself would go to zero. All the dots would be back at
    one place at on time, every place is the center of the expansion. When I
    talk about this, the question that always comes up is, 'Well, can you find
    the center of the expansion?' Every place is the center of the expansion,
    there is no one center to the beginning, every thing was back at one place
    and every place and every time was identical, in the beginning."

    Stephen J. Krogh, P.G.
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