Humanity is central in the universe. ICR says so.

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Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 13:52:38 EDT

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    The Acts & Facts IMPACT #350, just published, and viewable on the ICR
    website, is an article by D. R. Humphries which argues that the universe
    has a center, and that our home galaxy is near it. The term
    "Galactocentric" is used.

    Humphries argues that "new evidence" shows that the red shifts occur, not
    randomly, but in evenly spaced numerical groups. These groups imply that
    galaxies themselves are distributed in evenly spaced distances (shells)
    around our home galaxy; the shell distances are 3.1, 6.2, 9.3, 12.4
    ...light years.

    We, ourselves, Humphries writes, are within 100,000 light years of the
    center. Of course, he then argues that the odds of being so close (100K
    out of 40B) are 1 in a quadrillion, so therefore God exists and has given
    us "prime real estate."

    Humphries give no citations to the scientific literature in his claim --
    he does refer to a soon-to-be-coming (from him) monograph or (possibly)
    book. It will appear on the ICR web site "soon."

    Any comments? It appears that while the ID people are "proving God
    scientifically" by considering the very small, ICR is going the other

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