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Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 17:05:21 EDT

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    It is fatal for any Christian to stay entirely within church circles but
    very easy if one is a minister.

    I find that there are not only christians who are a bit shy of admitting
    they are Christian but start to come out when someone else has but one can
    also unsettle unbelievers WHO ARE INSECURE IN THEIR UNBELIEF as many are.
    They need a non-agressive laid-back and slightly humorous approach. It is
    as/more important to win the person as to win the argument.

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    > I have wanted to relate this story for a couple of weeks.
    > Back in July, I was in San Antonio to present a small paper at the
    > International Conference on Environmental Systems (mainly space life
    > support topics - space station, Mars, ...). As I sat in one of the
    > various small group sessions, I placed my current PSCF on the table
    > as I got out a pad for notes. I noticed my neighbor's eyes look
    > over. In a minute or so, he leaned over to say "that looks pretty
    > interesting." We chatted latter quite a while. He is believer, and
    > I never would have known. I'm mailing off a package to Ray with a
    > couple of past issues, and ASA info.
    > I would encourage others to verbally and physically drop hints in
    > their everyday actions that we are Christians. (Of course if you
    > work at a Christian institution or church, you may actually have to
    > visit the world once in a while.) Not only does the bait attract
    > unbelievers in whose heart the HS may be starting a work, but also
    > those anonymous believers who cross our paths without our knowledge.
    > Alan McCarrick

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