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Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 11:44:15 EDT

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    Name: Alan McCarrick

    Age: 45

    Vocation: I lead a double life: 25 years with the US Navy (civilian)
    on submarine life support and atmospheric analysis systems and 19
    years teaching chemistry/physics/math/astronomy and paleontology at a
    Christian local school

    Formal Education: my only degree in chemical engineering (1st in
    class) from Drexel university
    plus some graduate work in chemical engineering at University of Penn
    and some additional work in graduate education at Widener University.

    Christian Background: grew up in a non-denominational church (almost
    Baptist, but not in name) where the gospel was consistently
    presented. Accepted the Lord in fourth grade. Our church provided
    strong Biblical instruction and I am grateful to the many teachers I
    have had. Presently we attend a PCA church (the same denomination
    that had a YEC-OLD fight a couple of years back.) I currently teach
    the summer combined adult Sunday school class on various interesting
    topics that I get to pick - great Christian writers, the ancient
    cultures around Israel, Christina worldview in science, Christian
    influences in American history (this summer).

    Family: Wonderful wife of 19 years (today is our anniversary) who
    willing shares my interests and draws me into hers (birding and
    history). Four children: Leah (16), Faith (14), Sarah (12) and
    David (8). All attend the school where I teach.

    Interests: tennis and volleyball (although having a growing family
    does limit my time on court)

    Traveling with family

    Always loved science and found little conflict with Christianity
    until probably high school biology. Our church was basically YEC and
    had special speakers occasionally. They always had a good
    presentation that I was not really up to criticizing. Assumed that
    YEC was important, but history and life and universe seemed strongly
    to point to old world. I think that I lived just like SJ Gould would
    have us - non-overlapping magisteria. In the last decade or so, I
    have become much more interested in critically evaluating the merits
    of Christian views of origins. They obviously can't be all true.
    They don't have the same factual foundation. They all impact how we
    look at the scripture. I want my students to think these things
    through more than recruiting them to particular view. My school is
    leaning young earth, but teaches various Christian views. (Pray for
    me, as these issues came to a head last year, and may rise again this

    Over the last few years, I have helped form the Eastern PA section of
    the ASA and organize our semi-annual meetings. This has been a
    wonderful opportunity to meet many other Christians who also have a
    deep love of science. I have also enjoyed the interchange on this
    list to which I occasionally contribute.

    Alan McCarrick

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