Using the PSCF as bait

From: Mccarrick Alan D CRPH (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 11:56:35 EDT

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    I have wanted to relate this story for a couple of weeks.

    Back in July, I was in San Antonio to present a small paper at the
    International Conference on Environmental Systems (mainly space life
    support topics - space station, Mars, ...). As I sat in one of the
    various small group sessions, I placed my current PSCF on the table
    as I got out a pad for notes. I noticed my neighbor's eyes look
    over. In a minute or so, he leaned over to say "that looks pretty
    interesting." We chatted latter quite a while. He is believer, and
    I never would have known. I'm mailing off a package to Ray with a
    couple of past issues, and ASA info.

    I would encourage others to verbally and physically drop hints in
    their everyday actions that we are Christians. (Of course if you
    work at a Christian institution or church, you may actually have to
    visit the world once in a while.) Not only does the bait attract
    unbelievers in whose heart the HS may be starting a work, but also
    those anonymous believers who cross our paths without our knowledge.

    Alan McCarrick

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