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    Although my personal data & CV are probably easily
    found with internet search engines, that doesn't mean
    I want to make it too easy to put it all together in
    a single "hit"... ;^)

    Name: Tim adekI (lastname reversed)
    Age: 39
    Family: Wife(*) and a short-legged, domesticated wolf.
    Formal Education:
        BS Chemistry, Haverford Collge
        PhD Biochemisty, U-Minnesota, Minneapolis
           (Advisor: David etroPaL) Enzymology,
           biochemistry, metabolic regulation in bacteria
        Post-doc, UC Berkeley (Advisor: Sydney utsuK)
           Regulation of nitrogen metabolism in bacteria

        Bayer Pharmaceuticals - Analytical biochemistry
        DuPont Agricultural Products - Biochemistry & HTS
           automation/data management
        AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals - Screening & data
           automation, Biochemistry.

    Faith background: Agnostic, with Quaker interactions.

    Interests (relating to this group): Understanding how
    faith & dogma affect one's outlook or approach to
    comprehending the world. One prominant case is the
    evo/creo "controversy", a subject in which I've been
    interested since I was about ten years old.
    Additional: Moral & ethical systems and the rationale
    behind them.

    Outside interests: Electronics (small-scale sensors
    & automation), programming, agility training (canine),
    astronomy (as if I'll ever have the time to grind a
    mirror and make a 'scope), photography, biking,
    canoeing, fishing & etc.

    (*) Although there are times when I do miss my old
    motorcycle (a red BMW R80RT).

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