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Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 18:01:18 EDT

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    Name: Thomas Griffith Vernon Jenkins

    Born: April 1928 in Gorseinon, South Wales, UK - a stone's throw from
    Moriah Chapel, Lougher, which featured so prominently in the 1904
    evangelical revival.

    Early experience as a musician: sang in the choir of the local Anglican
    church; elevated to organist in the early 1940s while the regular
    appointee served in the wartime forces.

    Subsequent developments:

    In 1946 began studying mining engineering at Cardiff University, and
    graduated in 1950 with a BSc(Hons).

    Undertook a period of Directed Practical Training with the National Coal
    Board - intended to lead eventually to management of one of the local
    collieries. However, a period of ill-health interrupted these plans and
    instead I became a lecturer in the Mining Department of the Glamorgan
    Technical College (now the University of Glamorgan).

    In 1966 the College acquired its first computer - an IBM 1130 having
    16Kb core storage backed by 0.5 Mb interchangeable disk cartridges - the
    whole outfit filling a large air-conditioned room! I immediately set
    about learning some FORTRAN, and eventually in 1968 obtained an external
    MSc with a thesis entitled "Flow-balancing: a computer-assisted
    technique of fluid network analysis."

    On the basis of this work I was able to make a lateral move to the
    Department of Mathematics and Computing - specialising particularly in
    computer graphics and numerical control. I remained there as Senior
    Lecturer until my retirement in 1987.

    Various musical activities have accompanied my academic career.
    Following my marriage in 1951 I obtained the post of organist at the
    Presbyterian Church of England, Roath, Cardiff, and in 1971 became
    accompanist to the University Hospital of Wales Music Society Choir. In
    addition, I have musical links with the local Jewish community.

    My wife and I became committed Christians in 1977 and together began
    attending a local evangelical church - where we remain. We have been
    blest with three children (two girls and a boy) and a total of ten
    grandchildren - ages ranging from 10 to 22.

    This brief account of my life would be incomplete if I were to remain
    silent regarding my interest in Bible numerics. It all began in 1987
    following my reading of one of Ivan Panin's tracts which a Christian
    colleague had placed on my desk. Some original discoveries quickly
    followed - in particular, those concerning the marked geometrical nature
    of many of the phenomena attending the Hebrew of the Bible's opening
    verse. I have little doubt that these matters (detailed on my website)
    have a significant role to play in the working out of God's purposes in
    our day.

    Finally, let me say that my progress from teenage evolutionist to mature
    creationist is now complete. I firmly believe that our current
    generation of scientists operate in a world fashioned by themselves - a
    world bearing little resemblance to reality. One has to ask, What hope
    is there of determining the truth concerning origins and destinies when
    those in pursuit of these goals appear to prefer to operate with one eye

    Vernon Jenkins

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