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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 13:51:03 EDT

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    Name: Callee Soltys

    Age: 25

    Vocation: student

    Educational background:
    1999: completed BSc. in Environmental Biology at the University of Alberta
    present: pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy at U of A

    Why I'm here (been lurking here off-and-on for about 2 years, and Friend of
    ASA for the same):
    For me, it all started with Denis Lamoureux's science and religion course in
    fall 1999, where I discovered that it is possible to believe in both God and
    evolution. I was an atheist, thinking that interpretations of Genesis
    really mattered, and there was no way I could ever join the YECs or
    progressive creationists. See, I had the feeling that "there had to be
    something more"....evolution just didn't explain it all for me, yet I did
    not know where to look for answers.

    Denis opened the door for me, introducing hermeneutics and oh-so-many terms
    and categories. He taught me some basics about Christianity (I was so
    ignorant), and his passion for Jesus completely rocked my world. He was an
    absolutely amazing teacher-- every night after class I'd walk home with my
    head spinning... I had so much to think about.

    I realized that I had a faith in evolution that was eerily similar to the
    faith YECs have in a literal interpretation of the bible. I also realized
    that if the whole Jesus story really is true, the implications for my life
    are huge...

    I find involvement with ASA helps my struggle with faith, because no matter
    how intellectual the conversation gets (often it's way beyond me! haha) the
    bottom line remains the same.

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