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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 00:11:30 EDT

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    I received a BA from Franklin & Marshall College, an MA from S.U.N.Y. at
    Binghamton, and a PhD from the University of Rochester -- all in geology.
    I have been associated with Kansas State University since 1990, first as a
    postdoc and then as a research assistant professor. My early research was
    on the paleoecology of benthic communities within the middle Devonian of
    the Appalachian Basin. My current research interests are in paleoecology
    and in the geological record of global climate and environmental change. I
    have several published articles on the stratigraphic and paleoclimatic
    interpretation of Permian cyclothems. I have also done some work on the
    record of short-term physical disturbance as recorded within the skeletons
    of colonial organisms such a bryozoans and calcareous demosponges.

    I am a fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation (a society of
    Christians in the sciences) and an officer of the Affiliation of Christian
    Geologists. I have published papers on the scientific and theological
    arguments for an evolving Creation, and has been active in issues of public
    science education. I am studying the implications of the developing
    scientific picture of the universe and its long creative history.for our
    understanding of God's immanent and transcendent character. In particular,
    I am seeking to explore the ways that the identity of God as Creator,
    Sustainer, and Redeemer is illuminated as we more fully comprehend His
    creation. Our perception of the character of the Creator and His creation
    also has significant implications for how we understand our position as
    God's image bearers and stewards of creation. I have also begun struggling
    with the meaning of pain and suffering in creation in light of God's
    revealed character. I have also been very involved in science education
    issues here in Kansas and elsewhere.

    I have been involved with the Evangelical Free Church of America since
    moving to the land of the tallgrass prairie. My wife Ruth is a faculty
    member in electrical engineering and also an ASA member. We have a six
    year old son Ian, who is especially enamored of trains.


    Keith B. Miller
    Department of Geology
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS 66506

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