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Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 16:25:06 EDT

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    Name: John W. Burgeson ("Burgy" has been my nickname since first
    Age: 70 (71 in about two weeks)
    Education: BS (physics) Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1953
                       where I specialized in crystal studies.
                       MS (physics) Florida State University, 1955
                       where I specialized in solid state physics,
                       showing an error in a 1919 paper by Raman where he
    smoothed out his data
    Vocation: Physicist, US Mine Defense Laboratory, Panama City, Florida,
                       where I specialized in inventing ways to keep mines from
    killing people.
                       IBM Corporation, 1957-1992,
                       where I enjoyed five separate careers in five different
    cities within one company.
                       Independent computer consultant, 1992-1994,
                       where I made a lot of money in market research and was
                       Retired, 1994 to date,
                       where I audit college courses, drive the jeep trails, and
    do construction for H4H.
    Family: Met my future wife, Carol, in first grade; married in 1958. 8
    children, 3 adopted.
                      Carol is a 3rd year MDiv student at Iliff (Denver); her
    goal is to be a PCUSA pastor.
    Churches: Raised Lutheran; agnostic/atheist from 1949 to 1961.
                      Moving with IBM meant many different denominations. PCUSA
    since about 1988.
    More: see my web site at
                      On page 2, near the bottom is a "personal" section,
                      including pictures of my ten grandchildren.
                      If you go there, please read the story of how we adopted
    our last two children.


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