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Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 15:53:35 EDT

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    Shuan Rose, Attorney at Law

    Leadership Development Program, Johns Hopkins University 1997

    Juris doctor, University of Maryland law school, 1984

    Bachelor of Laws Degree, University West Indies, 1980

       I grew up in Jamaica and went to elementary and high school there. I then
    went away to Barbados for undergraduate studies. In 1980, because of
    political and economic disturbances in Jamaica, my family immigrated to the
    United States, where I pursued a degree in the Law and then later began to
    practice law. I spent 11 years as criminal prosecutor and then decided to
    go into private practice.
    I am single and have no children, but I am looking to change both of those


    I have been a Christian since 1975. I was always raised in the Methodist
    church, but became a Christian through the ministry of interschool Christian
    fellowship, which are Christian ministry aimed at high school children in
    Jamaica. Since I become a Christian, I've attended a wide variety of
    churches, and Christian fellowship, from charismatic groups to the Roman
    Catholic Church. I have tended to settle in evangelical churches and indeed
    I attend one now. It is Faith Fellowship Church, a biblically conservative
    non-denominational evangelical church. I go there because I like the
    worship, my friends go there, and more theologically, I like their serious
    approach to scripture, even though my approach is different.


    I read a lot in theology, philosophy, science, history, and fiction. I'm
    also interested in many kinds of music, including jazz, classical, Caribbean
    (of course), and Latin. I also follow sports. I am particularly interested
    in the science faith interface, which is why I joined this listserv. I am
    very impressed by the quality of many of the contributors, who are both
    highly educated thinkers and strongly committed Christians. There was a
    time in which I thought that you could not be both. I am also interested in
    international affairs, and in the possibility of bringing the Third World
    and the industrialized first world together to meet the common problems of
    global poverty and warfare.

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