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Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 14:44:05 EDT

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    Davies in his web page says, "Webb observed that the fine structure
    content, or alpha, of the quasar light was about a millionth smaller
    than the accepted value of approximately 1/137. This suggested that
    alpha is not a constant number throughout the universe, as had
    previously been believed. The constant nature of alpha currently
    underpins many of our laws of physics, including Einstein's Theory of
    Relativity." Now alpha=e^2/hc, where e is the charge of the
    electron, h is Planck's constant and c is the speed of light. Davies
    supposes that a variation of alpha implies a variation of c. It is
    interesting that when Dirac was discussing the possibility of a
    theory deriving the value of alpha, Dirac concluded that the less
    fundamental constant was h. Moorad

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    Hello folks,
    a group of Australian physicists (including Paul Davies)
    have a paper published in Nature (Aug. 8th) where they
    claim that the speed of light has changed.
    Here is some info about this from Davies' university

    Anyone that has read the paper and/or has a comment on this ?
    Could this be used as an argument by YEC people ?
    Hasn't the change of speed of light been an argument among
    some young earth christians ?

    Best regards from Inge

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