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    NAME : Inge Frette (several people have assumed Inge to be a girls name,
    which it is in Germany and Denmark, but not in Norway. Thus I am male.)

    LOCATION : Stavanger, Norway

    AGE : 35

    EDUCATION : graduate degree in physics from University of Oslo (1996)
                             theological degree from Lutheran School of
    Theology, Oslo (1991)

    VOCATION : Schlumberger (1996-1998)
                             From 1999 I have been working for a small
    geological company
                     - Geologica - in Stavanger which focuses on basin modeling,
                            reservoir property prediction and pressure prediction.

    CHRISTIAN BACKGROUND : Been a christian all my life. Member of Church of
    Norway, which is the state church here in Norway. This
    denomination is a mainline lutheran church. There are many of the members of
    this denomination that considers themselves to be evangelicals, including me.

    ASA : I have been a member of this discussion group since 1996. I had a
    break this last spring due to a holiday and due to circumstances on
    the list that was happening during the spring. I have continued to
    read the archives, but recently I join the
    list again.

                 I find this discussion group very good and inspiring. I learn a
    lot, both about science in general and also about the relationship
    between science and
    religion. Having followed discussion on this group for 6 years I
    have noticed how
    important issues (relevant for this group) seems to be geographical
    determined. At least here in Norway we don't care much about issues
    that seems to be very controversial in the US.

    INTERESTS : reading theology and philosophy (especially contemporary
    analytical philosophy) listening to music (from heavy metal to classical
    music; jazz not included ) sports (soccer, biking, hiking) spending
    time with family and friends

    Best regards from Inge
    Inge Frette
    GEOLOGICA AS Phone : +47 51 87 58 15
    P.O.Box 8034 Fax : +47 51 87 58 01
    N-4003 STAVANGER E-mail:
    NORWAY Web :

    Aceca Ltd and Geologica AS consolidated trading company

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