Resume regular list traffic

From: Terry M. Gray (
Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 13:02:17 EDT

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    Hi everyone,

    Today we resume regular list traffic. If you posted something other
    than a self BIO in the past week, please repost it now and I will
    approve it.

    If anyone who hasn't submitted a biography still wants to, please do
    so. Some of you have posted things that make some of us think that
    ASA and this list are doing something valuable. That's nice to know.
    There are several regular contributor that haven't posted bio's yet.
    It's not required, of course, but it does help everyone see where
    you're coming from.


    Terry M. Gray, Ph.D., Computer Support Scientist
    Chemistry Department, Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, Colorado  80523
    phone: 970-491-7003 fax: 970-491-1801

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