BIO: Emily Kendall

From: Emily Ann Kendall (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 23:15:59 EDT

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    Name: Emily Kendall

    Age: 19

    Educational Background: public grade schools in southern Indiana, now
    a chemistry-and-physics-major undergrad at Harvard

    Family: mom, dad, three younger sisters. all amazing.

    I've grown up in a Christian family and an evangelical church, and
    been a believer from a very early age. Inquisitive, intellectual, and
    very happy to be a student, I'm drawn to academia. At the same time,
    I've often wondered what it means to live a life for Jesus in an
    academic setting. I've also struggled with how to reconcile my
    science with my faith, especially regarding Genesis, origins, and the
    YEC position that I accepted after reading Henry Morris and others in
    junior high. My anxiety increased over the past few years as I
    learned more science and started to doubt a lot of those assumptions
    but my parents and church assumed that questioning how science and the
    Bible fit together, doubting their YEC paradigm, or seeking proof for
    those aspects of my belief system that are testable, meant I was
    doubting and endangering my faith. Discovering the ASA and this email
    list a month ago, along with reading Polkinghorne, Noll, and others,
    have been a huge encouragement to me and have challenged me to
    continue striving to love God with my scientific mind. I've been
    amazed at the freedom I've found, the weight that has been lifted off
    my shoulders, as I've become more willing to question things in search
    of Truth this summer. Thanks to many on this list for modeling for me
    a coherent combination of Christian faith and good, honest science.
    I'm going to continue lurking, but also hopefully taking part in
    discussions soon :)

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